Ladies Gift Guide (Moms, Sisters, Friends)

There are a lot of reasons I love Christmas, but one of them is giving gifts.

I love the process of thinking about the person, who they are, what they love, what they do, where they are going, things they've told me they like and then finding something that perfectly fits their personality and lifestyle.

I start Christmas shopping way in advance. Like all year long. So, yes I've got my Christmas shopping done already. 

I realize not everyone enjoys the process of selecting a gift, so I put together some gift guides to inspire you to find the perfect gifts early this year.

And by the way, I think early is before December 15th, so you can relax, enjoy and be present during the holiday season.

I've pulled together a gift guide for the ladies, guys, mommas with babies under 2 and my absolute favorite, a stocking stuffer list.

Here's the ladies guide:

You can never have too many blankets. Not only are the functional, but they can be really pretty and add the depth and texture you are looking for in a room. This chunky sweater blanket is perfect for cuddling this winter to watch Netflix at night.

There are so many talented jewelry makers out there, that I couldn’t choose just one. Ivy Lane’s feather earrings are all the rage right now and I can’t wait to get myself a pair after I teach my daughter to stop pulling on my earrings. I love the message behind New Eve Jewelry pieces. And Athens, GA will always have my heart so I’m totally digging the hand stamped pieces from Stamped and Finch.

Drinking wine with friends is already fun, but why not do it in style with hammered copper glasses? I mean don’t they just make you happy?

If you have not read any of Melanie Shankle’s books you need to stop reading this and go order one for yourself and one for a friend. She is easy going, relatable and absolutely hilarious. Church of the Small Things is great for women in any phase in life, but she’s also got Sparkly Green Earrings (great for moms), Antelope in the Living Room (great for married women) and Nobody’s Cuter than You (another awesome one for a friend). Ok, now go order all of them.

I saw someone wearing this last week and about died when they told me it was from Target and only $22.99. Ya’ll this is the softest sweatshirt I’ve ever worn. I’ve already had to wash it (you can't keep anything clean with kids!) and it’s still just as soft on the inside.

It’s the perfect lounging sweatshirt, but also stylish with the higher neck. It's tunic length so it covers your butt and it comes in 4 different colors.

I’ve been wearing it with leggings and boots and also to and from yoga. It’s perfect.


I know from some people photobook can seem overwhelming, but jump on Instagram and make an album of your favorites. Canon does the work for you and has some beautiful templates that you can just drop your photos into.

Between You and Me wood signs are some of my favorites with their blending of fonts, variations of wood and yall, they just added colored signs! If picking the right sign feels overwhelming, buy a gift card and let them pick out their favorite.

I just learned about to make a charcuterie board recently and I love that they are not only super easy to make but the actual boards are so beautiful. I love the combo of the marble and wood on this one...a little modern with a little farmhouse. And the price is awesome.

Be sure to check out my gift guides for guys, mommas with babies under 2 and stocking stuffers!

If you don't see anything that would be perfect for that tough person on your list, shoot me an email with a description of the person and I’d be happy to send you any additional ideas I have (I have WAYY to many to share on the blog!).