Gift Guide for Moms of Little Ones

Do you have a new mom or a mom with toddlers on your list this year? Have you asked them for a Christmas list for the baby and they looked at you like you were crazy? 

They are tired, worn down and just don’t have the time to put together a list for their kiddos, must less themselves.

Don't worry, I’ve got you covered.


Here are my top ten for mommas with babies (under 2) gifts:

Instead of getting the popular Boppy pillow, I got a Pello and it was the best decision. You can use a Pello for years, unlike the Boppy pillow that babies grow out of quickly. They are great for napping like the Boppy, but as my daughter got older and was learning to sit up, I’d put her in the Pello to sit. For this alone, I would buy it again.

My daughter still lays and plays in her Pello and she’s 15 months! They also come in so many beautiful patterns that can be gender neutral.

Christmas Vacation fans anyone? Every kiddo needs a pair of these to make their momma laugh. Also, they are really soft.

When I transitioned my daughter out of swaddling, I researched for the best sleep sack and I found Kyte Baby. What I really love about these sacks is they have different types depending on the temperature of the room.

We live in an older house and for some reason the heat and air isn’t very powerful in our daughter’s room and it can get down to 68 in her room even though the heat is at 73, so I love knowing that she’s warm in a sack for that temperature. Kyte Baby sleep sack are made of bamboo (super soft).

Mommas need to stay warm too and this cardigan is to die for. It’s like a giant blanket to wrap up in, but stylish. I also posted about a super affordable stylish sweatshirt on my ladies gift guide.

I talked about this playmat on an Instagram story a while back, so I had to put it on here. It’s a bit on the pricier side, but I started with a cheap foam mat that started shedding and I wish I had gotten this one from the start. It’s somewhat stylish, so comfortable to sit on, rolls up to easily put away, has a “fun” side and it will most definitely last for all of our kids.

My grandmother loves books and past her love for books down to my mom, so I was raised reading a lot of the children's classic books. I’ve come to learn that quite a few of my friends haven’t heard of the books I was raised on. I couldn’t pick just one but these are some of my favorites that I was raised on or that my daughter loves.

Me time disappears when you become a mom. I got pretty lucky and had a fabulous sleeper and napper, so I was able to sneak in a quiet time almost everyday. Now, we’re down to one nap a day so the time I get with God has dwindled a lot, but I’ve loved the New Morning Mercies Devotional. Also on my list is this prayer journal. I also think 100 Days to Brave would be a great gift.

My daughter loved this ball, so it’s one of my favorites to give. Lots of color, lots of texture and it rattles when you shake it.

I’m pretty sure this toy is why we avoided all the back pain of bending down and holding our daughter’s hand while she learned to walk. I know it looks like a bike (which it is), but our daughter would fly around our house holding the “handle bars” before she started walking and riding it like an actual bike. It’s got rubber wheels so they don’t scrape up the floors and it's not noisy so it would be a hit with any mom.

Sometimes as a mom you just want to sit down and have some peace and quiet, but it just doesn’t happen. Enter essential oils. They can help you recenter, refocus and get a burst of patience and energy you didn’t know you had. I could go on and on about what oils I love, but Young Living's Stress Away roller is a great gift for moms to use on the go. Interest in the other oils I use and what else to get a momma? Shoot me an email and I’ll share my list with you.

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