Designing for Fall: Rich, Deep Colors and Accent Pieces

Fall is my favorite season. Changing leaves, sweatshirt weather, all the fall flavors and of course, my birthday. I love it all. But one of my favorite parts of the season is the richer, deeper, bolder colors that emerge this time of year. And with jewel tones being popular hues this year, there’s a lot of options for bringing those moody blues, vibrant purples and emerald greens into your house.

These rich, bold colors add depth and bring a cozy feeling that makes you want to curl up in a sweatshirt and sip on some tea (well, at least it does for me).

Below are a couple spaces that are getting me all excited for this cooler weather. I love how these deep, dark hues can be used in any space with any design style.




I mean kudos to these homeowners for daring to go bold, right?

Adding dark colors can be intimidating, so if you aren’t brave enough to permanently add bold colors to your house, here are a few accent pieces to help you capture the same aesthetic and feel the just for the season!